High-Definition Blu-ray Disc

"Hur-ray, hur-ray, hur-ray! Step right up! Ladies and gentlemen - boys and girls! Let's pay a visit to the Buskers! Right this way, folks! The SIDESHOW! is about to begin!"

"See the Human Statues! Pavement artists! Break dancers! Mimes! Musicians! - and much, much more! All those bloody Buskers - before your very eyes - guaranteed to shock and disturb your very being!"

"As you're walking through the SIDESHOW!, you're walking into another world, another realm, another dimension in busking entertainment. We invite you to see the most bizarre, the most strange and unusual attractions that have ever been seen here before!"

"It's Showtime now - funtime where the Buskers are! So what in the world are you waiting for? But hold on! There's so much more to see - Buskers - breathing and performing - alive! - all on the inside!"

SIDESHOW!* is the new Busker Alley High-Definition Blu-ray movie! A Busker Films Production, SIDESHOW! is a extreme close-up look at street performers as never seen before! Enjoy the pure fun celebrating the very nature of street performing in unsurpassed HD quality found only at Busker Alley!

Featuring over a full hour and 20 busking productions, this Special Edition is a "Tribute to all Buskers" who have gone before. Included in this full version is the world's first HD docu-comedy "Those Bloody Buskers!" - a treat not to be missed! To the modern-day street-performer, the movie is likewise an incredible technical salute to all Buskers here in Busker Alley and around the world. Seeing is truly believing!

Showcasing the performers are productions found exclusively in SIDESHOW! Take a peek at buskers clowning around, the man-in-the-box, a rare dobro slide guitarist, spiritual juggling, smooth magic, mystical mimes, and much much more. Additional features offer insights into the busking lifestyle as well as recent history of street-performing.

Presented in glorious High-Definition, SIDESHOW! embraces busking and street performing with a fantastic new perspective. Take a crystal clear look directly through the camera lens at those fascinating Buskers. For your viewing enjoyment, these performers are shot in full 1080i resolution. You simply won't believe your eyes! Now those bleedin' Buskers really are bloody brilliant!

"Yes Siree, folks! Seasoned professionals perform right before your very eyes! See the non-stop craziness in the life and times of the modern Busker! Watch them take artistic license only to captivate you in the end! Experience the awe and wonder of street performers as they find their perfect pitch! This and more - all on the inside!"

*Blu-ray player required

*Productions: 20

*Runtime: 60+ minutes


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Believe in the fantasy and dare to be real with the new and totally amazing technological marvel that is already becoming a Busker legend - SIDESHOW!

This Special Blu-ray disc will not play in standard DVD players.

July 4th, 2009 saw Busker Alley launch SIDESHOW!, the world's first busker High-Definition disc. SIDESHOW! raises the bar and sets a new standard in busking entertainment not realized before. The latest SIDESHOW! now features the full updated version on Blu-ray.

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