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(BOULDER, COLORADO) Each and every city has different needs, requirements, and goals. We advise city council members and officials on a professional level and work with the architects and even buskers on a one-to-one basis. This insures the tourist, local shoppers, and the buskers themselves enjoy the conducive environment and will want to come back to a beautiful place and perform their artistic endeavor.

Many cities are begging for buskers to rejuvenate their historic districts but have not created the environment necessary for shopping and entertainment. Old cracked sidewalks, newspaper vending machines, traffic lights, parked cars, liquor stores, little foot-traffic, ugly street lights, vacant stores, old parking lots, street people and the police offer little incentive for tourists to chance or buskers to perform. Certainly, this isn't any place to bring a family.

Creation of stages and proper placement of kiosks, barriers, seating, directories, lighting, even drinking fountains are critical to the world of buskers. To be properly accomplished requires our professional consulting services working with both extensive remodeling and creating brand new shopping venues. Building correctly at the start will save having to rebuild in the future. Along with the architect, we design with success as a goal for the whole community to experience and enjoy. Our program recommends that a college or university be nearby.

Developing an enticing environment for busking is imperative. It is actually possible to scale all the way up to an International busker format. Busker Alley is located in Boulder, Colorado where America's first International Buskerfest was born in 1990. Buskers must first feel confident enough to seriously consider your city worthy of their performance.

The performing arts is probably the most fun of all arts to experience. From Chinese firesticks to one-man bands, there's a learning experience within every buskers performance. From giraffe unicycles to cowboys and acrobats, buskers actually want to perform in your city and teach by example their own interpretive flavor of the performing arts.

"Fun for the whole family" - "Amazing Feats!" - "Rated G for Great!" Tourism is one of the very best ways to strengthen the local economy and breathe new life into the community. It builds new venues for new enterprises in which to grow. Busking and street performing is a healthy, natural, family-friendly way of introducing, experiencing, realizing then enjoying the performing arts.

Busker Alley Concepts focuses on a pleasant experience for parents, fun for the kids, great shopping, patio restaurants, and a colorful atmosphere in a relaxed and comfortable fashion with a surprise for everybody. Arts and Crafts fairs, Spring, Summer, and Fall Festivals...the list of events in which buskers can participate is almost endless. The whole community gets involved with our "Busker for a Day" program.

As the busker knows, the best places to busk worldwide are major shopping streets that have heavy foot-traffic. With attractive shopping, lighting, seating and security, many venues now enjoy good business as well as notoriety. Performers are a special breed and with them come special law. Our program comes complete addressing new city restrictions pertaining to busking and street performing with recommended fire and saftey regulations. Also included are security and policing recommendations.

Click the image on the left to experience a newly created "pitch". Completed in 2004, two opposing benches and planters have been added. The 1.57mb video features 360 degree rotation for a panorama of one of America's premier busking and street performing venues (Quicktime required).

Professional consultation provided by Busker Alley Concepts is available from planning through completion and launch. With our optional Promo program, Busker Alley produces new and exciting video on every venue developed. The finished product features the project's Grand Opening in High-Definition for broadcast television, public access television, campus cable, and the world wide web.

The sky's the limit!

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