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The Immigrant

The Immigrant goes through his routine with some fire juggling on an early evening pitch. Here, he presents a hot new way to trim his hair.
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Busker Alley is a fun place to relax and enjoy viewing unique, revealing videos and related expos. Along the winding way, we'll see some humorous and thought-provoking impressions. In the nooks and crannies, we'll explore the many aspects of busking and street performing that has endured since ancient times. Turn the corner now and head down Busker Alley to indulge in this age-old livelihood.

Likely to appear just about anywhere, amateur and professional buskers can be found roaming the world with their itinerate performances. Because of their nomadic way of life, they are often very difficult to capture on film. Your only hope may be to catch a live glimpse of them in busker festivals held here and there around the world.

Walking down Busker Alley, we'll be looking at hundreds of distinctive buskers that highlight the street performing arts. Each video has it's own character from which to learn. These are of concern to artists looking to expand their show, motivational interests, as well as social scientists researching cultural behavior. Some videos include a total environmental approach while forever attempting to answer the inconceivable question, "What is a busker?"

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Featured productions includeThose Bloody Buskers! - the first HD busker docu/comedy. Get down and dirty with the Pavement Artist Extravaganza! Take a ride down the Busker Highway to see the conceptual promo that started it all.

Amazing International Busker Festivals feature absurd yet lite world-class buskers for your viewing enjoyment. Special videos include the build, the show, and the hat as well as insights on the performer, the art, and the lifestyle. Found throughout the Director's Cuts, the artists themselves comment on various aspects of the art of busking and street performing.

Off to the left, bring your camera as you stroll Artist Avenue for an expressive experience in the outer limits of Busker Alley. Enter a gallery of interesting impressions, imagination, and perspectives. Take a peek at intense abstracts and flowing colors featured as natural and digital works of art.

Off to the right, take a trip down Memory Lane and travel the real alleys of the world. Drift back in time through this gallery of images as you view entrancing and ancient alleys that may or may not exist anymore. Take a historic look at yesteryear's treasures preserved at Busker Alley.

Be sure to visit the busker Lifestyles museum where you can go back in time to simpler days and recite the Busker Creed, Songs, and Poetry. Here, you'll experience the medieval flavor of early street-performing.

If you're extreeemely lucky, you may find your way through backdoors somebody left open to further explore yet more unique Busker Alley venues. Then, strange haunting passages lead through an expos of the dangerous and dusky Phantom Alley. Some say on a spooky foggy night, ghostly busker images and videos may appear then vanish at any given moment. Buskers beware!

Check out our HD Theater where you can view performances without distraction. Take your time to wander down the alley and gander at the intersections. You can even stop back monthly for a convenient busker movie right on the front page. Exceptional productions not available anywhere else are on exhibitiion deep in Busker Alley.

West Pearl Street in 1995 saw Busker Alley begin shooting intriguing video on the art of busking. Since then, Busker Alley continues to film well over a thousand buskers worldwide. It is our mission to present each and every one of them online.

Busker Alley went High-Definition New Year's Day in 2007 for your busking entertainment. Unrivaled HD shoots of buskers and street performers in action are presented with much greater detail and resolution than ever before possible. HD will become the video standard of tomorrow with Busker Alley leading the way today.

Busker Alley is always under repair - patching old potholes, paving new streets, creating novel pitches, and finding undisclosed detours for you to enjoy the art of busking.

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